We are Sandra and Tony, and we care enough about what we serve that we must be able to speak to every ingredient on your plate or in your cup. We are local, or organic, or wholefoods, or gluten free, vegan or sustainable. We aren’t all these things for every ingredient, but are meaningfully one or more for everything we serve. In short, we are relationship based. If we serve something, we know who or where it comes from, and have a relationship with the producer or committed merchant who provides it.



Why settle for just good coffee when some of the greatest roasters on the planet are based right here in Melbourne? And why settle for ingredients on your plate purchased on price and delivery convenience rather than quality? Genuine specialty coffee means meticulous sourcing, sensitive roasting to highlight each green bean parcel’s best attributes, and then carefully dialling in each coffee in the cafe every single day. With the best tools of the trade and some of the best people in coffee on hand to carefully manage every dose of beans served, and the beans sourced from Dukes Coffee Roasters, we’ve paid the extra money required to bring you the very best. Most venues set up their machine and grinders at the beginning of the day. Here, we weigh and calibrate every shot of coffee from morning ’til the last coffee at the end of service, and are happy to talk you through all our various house, organic or single origin options and their individual characters.



Where does your food come from? The bread for all our toast and sandwiches is baked onsite by Sandra. Our eggs are from just ten minutes away in Lysterfield where the hens roam freely in a multitude of pasture types. Our lovingly smoked bacon is from Belgrave South just twenty five minutes away, where the slow and small scale art of curing and smoking to provide depth of genuine flavour is king!

Our salads, fillings, granola, Bircher muesli, cakes, slices and desserts are all our own long held and evolved recipes, prepared by us onsite with amazing core ingredients.



Do we take tea for granted? Not at all! The locally produced and sometime even locally grown teas from Yarra Valley Tea Company are offered and carefully prepared. We don’t buy packaged juices; we juice for you fresh per order. And perhaps our most loved highlight are our shakes. No syrups, no pump packs of artificial flavour. EVERY milkshake is made from our own house made base of fresh ingredients and sauces we prepare ourselves. Some say kids couldn’t care less, but we care about the foods we feed your children as much as we do about our own three sons. And besides, this has made our shakes a favourite among adults too!



We’re not the only wonderful cafe in the outer east (and we’ll happily tell you our other favourites if you ask us). But we’re new to Scoresby, and offer food and coffee of a like not seen around here before. We would love the chance to meet you in our light filled welcoming space!